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Dental Implants for Brilliant Smiles in Montvale

Dr. Robert H. Guller has a wealth of experience helping patients revive their smiles with dental implants. Pascack Dental Arts is your go-to place for dental implants in Montvale, Park Ridge, Hillsdale, River Vale, and all the surrounding communities.

If you are looking to restore and maintain your youthful smile, we are always ready to help you fulfill your smile goals. Contact us and schedule your consultation today!


What is a Dental Implant?

3d render of dental implantA dental implant is a widely-used method for replacing missing teeth. It is a permanent option that restores both your lost tooth and its roots. A dental implant enhances your smile’s appeal, restores its function, and preserves your oral health entirely.

What to Expect If You Decide on Dental Implant Surgery

The process of receiving dental implants can take several months. However, the results can last for decades. There are four stages of dental implant treatment. Each is designed to make the process successful.

Planning – Dr. Guller will evaluate your oral situation to determine if you are a candidate for implants. We will then build a plan for the process from beginning to end. This plan includes any pretreatments needed, such as extracting a damaged tooth, a bone graft surgery or a sinus lift.

Placement – Based on your treatment plan, we will start with some prepping procedures or place the implants right away. Placing implants involves inserting the implant post into the jaw to form a base for your new tooth.

Healing – After the implant placement, you will need to allow time for your mouth to heal. During this resting period, your jawbone will fuse to the implant posts so that the implants are stable and ready to withstand daily chewing force.

Completion – This is the final step. Dr. Guller will start with affixing the abutment to the implant post to attach your custom prosthetic securely to it. Once done, you’ll be able to chew, smile, and speak with the implant just as you would with natural teeth.

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a treatment used when your jaw doesn’t have adequate strength to support dental implants. During this treatment, we add grafting material to the jawbone to strengthen it and make it ready for implant surgery.

When is a Sinus Lift Needed?

Some cases where the natural bone below the sinuses is thin, you may need a sinus lift. During this treatment, we add bone below the sinuses to strengthen it. This procedure has the advantage of giving back your youthful appearance and restoring your facial structure.

Do You Perform Tooth Extraction?

We have the required expertise to extract a tooth safely. We use a conservative approach and always try to preserve your tooth structure. We will only suggest extractions when it is the last resort.

Restoration Options an Implant Can Support

After placing your implant, we proceed with attaching your planned restoration. The restorations we provide include:

  • Crowns: A crown completes a single implant when you only have one missing tooth.
  • Bridges: When two or three of your teeth are missing, they can be replaced by an implant-supported bridge.
  • Full and Partial Dentures: If you’ve lost many of your teeth or your entire upper or lower arch, dentures can restore your entire smile. It takes six to eight implants to support a full denture and replace all missing teeth.

Achieve Great Results with Advanced Technology and Excellent Care

female patient looking at dental x-rays in dental officePascack Dental Arts strives to provide you with the comfortable, safe, and satisfactory services your smile deserves. Our team is always up to date with cutting edge technology and the latest dental equipment. We use panoramic digital x-rays and CBCT scans to take highly defined images of your smile, which aids in delivering an accurate diagnosis. We then use an intraoral camera to display clear images on a monitor so you can see exactly what Dr. Guller is talking about as he explains his findings to you.

For your convenience, we use several types of sedation techniques to suit every need. We offer oral sedation and laughing gas, as well as IV sedation administered by a skilled anesthesiologist.

We use the latest techniques to deliver implants of exceptional quality. These techniques include:

  • All-on-4® Dental Implant System - If your teeth are missing an entire arch, the All-on-4 dental implant system may be an excellent solution. This treatment is fast and durable. It uses only four implants to replace the full arch.
  • Teeth In A Day® - This is the latest innovation in dental implant placement and restorations. We use this technology to deliver your implant restoration on the same day we place your dental implant.

Gum Disease Treatment

Your gums are the foundation of your overall oral health. Our team provides you with gum disease treatment when needed before your implant can be placed. Healthy gums will promote the success of implant placement with lasting results.

Treating Your Unique Needs with Dental Care Laser

During your visit, Dr. Guller will listen to your concerns and examine your smile thoroughly. If laser treatment can benefit your specific situation, we will explain in detail how we will use it and how it helps you. We use a soft tissue laser to maximize comfort during procedures. We also use laser dentistry to prepare your dental restoration or to address a soft tissue complication such as gum disease.

Spectacular Dental Services in Montvale

At Pascack Dental Arts, we proudly serve the people of Montvale, Park Ridge, Hillsdale, River Vale, Westwood, and nearby neighborhoods. Dr. Guller and our compassionate team will provide you with the excellent services you deserve. Contact our welcoming staff today and schedule your visit.


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