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Exceptional Family Dental Care in Montvale

multiracial family relaxing outdoorsAt Pascack Dental Arts, we provide you and your loved ones with the quality dental care you deserve. We serve children, teens, adults, and seniors. Dr. Robert H. Guller, along with his highly trained team, will make sure your family receives age-appropriate dental care customized to your specific needs.

We proudly serve individuals and families throughout Montvale, Park Ridge, Hillsdale, River Vale, Westwood, and all surrounding neighborhoods. We offer 24/7 emergency dental care and will schedule same-day appointments whenever possible. Our office is open on Saturdays.

If you're looking for exceptional care in a relaxing environment, our dental team is ready to go the extra mile to help you fulfill your smile goals. Contact us today!


Exceptional Dental Care for Children and Teens

We see children starting at age two. Our team strives to make your children feel safe and comfortable during their dental visits. We use positive, age-appropriate language to help eliminate any anxiety and offer sedation whenever needed. We create a relaxing environment and provide ways to make kids feel at ease, such as warm blankets and a gentle chairside manner. Our team works closely with both children and teens, teaching them proper dental hygiene practices, and offer sealants and fluorides to help protect their growing smiles.

We also take care of your child's growing smile and focus on developing a healthy, straight bite. We provide children and teens with effective orthodontic treatments.

Revive Your Oral Health with Excellent Periodontal Care

At Pascack Dental Arts, we understand that your gums are the foundation that holds your teeth together. Thus, we give them special focus. We provide preventive services to protect you from gum disease as well as treatments whenever you face any issues with your gums.

Our periodontal treatments including:

Professional Cleanings – Dental cleanings are recommended every six months, along with proper oral hygiene at home to prevent further complications.

Scaling and Root Planing – If gum disease advances, scaling and root planing become necessary. Scaling helps remove plaque by cleaning above and below the gums. Planing smoothes the root surface and helps to shrink pockets between the tooth and gum tissue.

For more advanced gum disease, Dr. Guller prescribes Arrestin® for adults when needed, and may also provide surgical treatments to improve your gum health.

Minimally-Invasive Soft Tissue Laser Treatments

Our practice uses a laser to remove diseased gum tissue. The laser selectively removes damage and leaves healthy tissue unaffected. It also seals the wound as it operates, which reduces bleeding, pain, and swelling during and after your treatment.

Our laser treatments include:

  • Soft tissue procedures
  • Gum disease treatment
  • Removal of decay
  • Crown lengthening without the need for sutures
  • Gummy smile treatment

Dental Services for Adults & Seniors

smiling mature couple outdoorsAs you age, the connection between your oral health and overall well-being becomes more crucial. Our talented prosthodontist, Dr. Guller, and our skilled team provide a wide range of treatments to serve adult and senior smiles. We revive your smile by placing and restoring dental implants using crowns, bridges, and partial and full dentures.

Our team is experienced in dental cleanings, visual exams, oral cancer screenings, and restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Whether you need a simple filling or a full smile makeover, we can help you perfect your smile.

Microscope Root Canal Therapy and Pulpotomies

Dr. Guller provides services like root canal therapy and pulpotomies to preserve the healthy natural structure of your tooth. Our practice uses root canal microscopes to provide our team with excellent image resolution, allowing us to perform root canal therapies with high precision.

Root Canal Therapy – During this therapy, we remove any decayed and infected parts of your tooth, and fill the canals with a medicated dental material. A dental crown then seals and protects the tooth.

Pulpotomies – Known as a baby root canal, this is a mini root canal procedure used to save a severely decayed tooth with infected pulp. Pulpotomies are commonly performed on baby teeth, especially molars.

The Exceptional Dental Care You Deserve

No matter your age, quality dental care is essential. Pascack Dental Arts uses the latest technology in dentistry to provide you with comfortable, fast, and effective treatments. We strive to deliver comprehensive care that you and your loved ones can trust. We proudly serve families in Montvale, Park Ridge, Hillsdale, River Vale, and all surrounding areas. Contact us today and schedule your appointment!


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